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How it all started

Born and brought up in Ukraine, Ganna Chalapko moved to the Netherlands in 2005. Her personal love affair with yoga started around that same time and helped her become strong and flexible, both physically and emotionally. It wasn’t until 2013 though that she decided to pursue a yoga teacher training so that she could share her love and enthusiasm for yoga with others.

It all started with a long yoga weekend at the Dutch Wadden island of Terschelling when a thought occurred to Ganna: ‘what if I could share the gift of yoga with others too?’ She didn’t hesitate much to enroll onto her first 200-hour Anusara Yoga Teacher Training at Bindi studio, Amersfoort, taught by an experienced American yoga teacher and mentor Jayendra Hanley.


Upon Ganna’s graduation in September 2015 Arnica Yoga was born. Ever since Ganna is frequently spotted teaching Anusara-inspired yoga classes and workshops around the Gooi region in the Netherlands and further.


Ganna’s yoga classes are generally somewhat challenging and spicy, but there’s also enough attention for aligning and fine-tuning the poses combined with breath instructions. One more typical element of Anusara yoga teaching method is that each lesson is given with a theme: for  example, a topic from yoga philosophy or a heart quality which is explained and organically intertwined within the flow of a yoga class.


Ganna is an avid meditator and considers it as important for our soul’s wellbeing as brushing our teeth for the health of our mouth. She’d pay a lot of attention to instructing meditation and pranayama (breath exercises) in her classes and workshops so that it becomes clear and doable to even a most sceptical mind.


Curious to experience Ganna’s teaching style? Find her teaching in the vicinity and drop by or schedule a private yoga session with her! 

Arnica Yoga

Discover your strength from within


Yoga classes

Ganna teaches primarily at a few studios at and around the Gooi area in the Netherlands. One of her 'home bases' is Yoga Yvonne in Naarden where she shares yoga on early Wednesday mornings (7.15 to 8.15 am) and Sundays (10.00-11.30 am). 

Another studio she's substituting at is Piith in Bussum where you could catch up with her on Thursdays and Friday. Check the actual schedule on the website or send her a message!

Soul coaching

Ganna has been through the hell of a burnout and back upon starting her corporate career. Due to her yoga and meditation journey she managed to rediscover the strength, balance and joy of life that can be harsh on a millennial these days... With this priceless experience of hers and a coach certification she can help you find the right balance as well. The balance in being feminine yet adventurous, a dedicated professional with a still fulfilling private life, in being spiritual and highly sensitive yet fully grounded in the day-to-day life.

In her one-on-one soul coaching sessions she helps you identify the hurdles to a healthy, happy and fulfilling life and gives you some effective tools to rebalance and rediscover your own unique strength from within.


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